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About NIPT

The National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT) is a dedicated continuing professional development (CPD) support service funded by the Department of Education and administered by Dublin West Education Centre. NIPT supports the induction of newly qualified teachers (NQTs), both primary and post-primary, into the teaching profession in Ireland. 

Purpose: To support the professional growth of teachers during the induction phase
Vision: Quality induction for every teacher
Motto: To ask for support is a sign of strength

The main objective of the Droichead process is to support the professional learning of NQTs during the induction phase, thus laying the foundations for subsequent professional growth and learning for the next phase of their career. Wong (2004) describes induction as 'a comprehensive, coherent, and sustained professional development process aimed to train, support and retain new teachers and represents the first part of a lifelong professional development programme ’.

The NIPT provides five pillars of support, see below:

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A key characteristic of the Droichead process is the support for NQTs by trained Professional Support Team (PST) members at school level. A PST is a team of experienced, fully registered teachers which may include the principal, ideally with five years’ experience who have been trained by NIPT to support the Droichead process. PST members are experienced teachers with whom the NQT can engage for personal, professional and pedagogical support during the induction phase. While a whole-school approach to the induction of NQTs is promoted, the role of the PST within the whole-school context is crucial. NQTs value and acknowledge the importance of having access to experienced colleagues who have relevant contextual knowledge, and are available to provide both formal and informal support.

NQTs undertaking the Droichead process, engage in a variety of school-based induction activities: meetings with the PST, preparation for teaching and learning, observations of and by the NQT, and other related induction activities. NIPT supports the professional learning of NQTs and PSTs throughout the school year. 

It is widely acknowledged that building strong professional learning communities through a process such as Droichead will benefit schools as learning organisations in the long-term. 'Creating a structure that allows experienced teachers to work with novice teachers and that acknowledges their expertise will ultimately strengthen the overall organisation, including retaining good practitioners in the classroom' (Teachers Matter OECD 2005).